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Back to TOCHow do I view a ZooBurst book?

ZooBurst books are web based - all you need to get started is a standard web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and the Adobe Flash plugin (version 10 or higher).

You can view your own books by logging into ZooBurst and clicking on the "My Books" button. From there simply click the "View" link next to any book in your library. Once the page loads you will be able to click on a large "Play" button to start your book. Note that if you are using an iPad you will need the free ZooBurst app installed on your tablet in order to view books in this way. You can download a free copy of the ZooBurst iPad app from the iTunes app store.

You can also browse through books created by members of the ZooBurst community by clicking on the Gallery button at the top of the every page.

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