Create your own interactive 3D pop-up books!

Back to TOCHow can I sign up for ZooBurst?

Signing up for ZooBurst is simple and free. Simply visit our Sign-Up page and fill out our short registration form.

ZooBurst currently offers two types of accounts, called "Basic" and "Premium". Basic accounts are completely free - anyone over 13 years of age with a valid e-mail address can sign up for one and be up and running with ZooBurst in a matter of minutes. Premium accounts are subscription based and offer a much larger range of features, such as audio integration, unlimited books, and access to the ZooBurst classroom management system, which allows teachers to register up to 250 students into protected virtual classrooms. To compare the features offered by both accounts please visit the Pricing page at the top of the screen (or click here!).

You can upgrade / downgrade your ZooBurst account at any time by clicking the 'Upgrade' button once you've logged into the system.

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