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The ZooBurst iPad app is designed compliment the ZooBurst website and help you view your stories “on the go.” The app also lets you quickly “scan’ for ZooBurst Story Codes that have been incorporated into the world around you, such as class bulletin boards, student newsletters, etc. For more information about Story Codes please refer to the “Story Codes” section above. Note that you will need access to the Internet on your device to effectively use the ZooBurst iPad app.

Installing the ZooBurst iPad App

The ZooBurst iPad app is available for free on the iTunes app store. You can search for the app by doing the following from your iPad:

  1. Click on the App Store icon
  2. Click in the Search box and search for “ZooBurst”
  3. Click the Install button to install the app

You can also download the app directly by clicking here.

Note that ZooBurst takes advantage of the iPad’s built in camera, so we recommend using an iPad 2 or newer model when working with the app. ZooBurst will work on the original iPad, but it will only function in “screen” mode without any augmented reality capabilities.

Once you have gone through the installation process you can tap on the “ZB” icon to launch the app. The app will load and in a moment you will be presented with the app main menu.


The Gallery button will load the ZooBurst public gallery, which showcases some of the amazing stories that have been brought to life by members of the ZooBurst community. The Gallery is designed to show the same books that are available on the ZooBurst website under the “Gallery” link at the top of any page. To view a book you can simply tap on the book icon with your finger. You can scroll forward and backward in the gallery listing by tapping on the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of the screen, and you can switch galleries by using the grey buttons along the top of the screen.

Viewing a Book

There are a number of ways you can view a book using your iPad, including:

When a book launches you will be shown a loading indicator while the book loads in from the Internet. If the book you are attempting to view is password protected you will be prompted to enter in the book’s password before you can view it. Likewise if the book is set to “private” you will not be able to view the book unless you are signed in as the book’s owner (or as a member of the class that the book is associated with.) You can sign into your ZooBurst account using the “Sign In” button on the main menu of the app.

Once the book loads you will see it displayed on the screen as a 3D book. You can rotate around the book using your fingers – just drag your finger across the screen to change to a different angle. You can also navigate from page to page using the Next and Previous buttons that are oriented along the right and left sides of the screen.

Interacting with a book on the iPad

Any character with an exclamation point above its head is tap-able – just touch the character and any associated text or sound will be displayed. Sounds activated in this way will play through from beginning to end, but you can stop playing an active sound by tapping on the character a second time.

If you are using an iPad that has a built in camera you can click on the Camera button at the top of the screen to switch to Augmented Reality mode (first generation iPad users and users who have disabled their camera via their “Restrictions” settings will not see this button). When you tap on this button your screen will show a live video feed from your camera – just point your device at any black and white “ZB” symbol to see the currently active book appear on top of it in augmented reality. Note that your book will remain fully active in this mode – all characters will remain “tap-able” and you can freely move from page to page using the Previous and Next buttons along the sides of the screen.

Note that you can switch between modes at any time by using the Screen / Camera toggle buttons at the top right side of the app. You can also return to the book selection menu by using the “Back” button at the top left side of the app.

My Books

You can view your own books by tapping on the My Books button on the main menu of the app. Before you can view your books you will be prompted to sign into your ZooBurst account – this is the same information that you would type in when logging into the website.

Once you’ve logged in you will be redirected back to the main menu – just tap the My Books button and you will see all of your own books in a layout similar to the Gallery screen mentioned above.

Story Codes

The Story Codes module allows you to use your iPad’s camera to find and instantly display books in Augmented Reality mode.

ZooBurst uses a special type of symbol – called a “Story Code” – to uniquely identify a ZooBurst book. These codes can be created by premium members, and are discussed in detail in this support article.

When you tap on the Story Code button on your iPad your device’s camera will turn on and will prompt you to point it at a Story Code. A sample story code is displayed below to demonstrate how this works.

A sample book (“My Trip to Egypt”) should quickly appear on top of the code once it has been recognized. You can then interact with the book as you normally would by tapping on characters and navigating from page to page. You can also tap on the “Screen” button to turn off your camera and “freeze” the book on your screen so that you don’t need to continually point your device at the Story Code.

Note that you can use the Story Code feature on your iPad to scan any number of Story Codes. For example, if you had a series of student projects arranged around your classroom using Story Codes you could travel from project to project and watch as the app switches over to a new book every time a different Story Code is recognized.

If you have any trouble viewing your Story Code you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure that your Story Code is printed on light colored paper
  2. Make sure that the printer you are using has enough toner / ink – low contrast images will reduce ZooBurst’s ability to identify a Story Code
  3. Make sure that your Story Code isn’t folded or curved
  4. Keep your fingers and other objects outside of the dashed region around the story code.

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