Create your own interactive 3D pop-up books!

Back to TOCHow can I view a ZooBurst Book in Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality mode allows you to view a book through your computer's webcam. Using a special symbol, ZooBurst can determine where you would like your book to appear within your local environment and display it accordingly. To get started, open a book and click on the 'Webcam Mode' button. When prompted click the 'Allow' button to let ZooBurst access your webcam. Next, click on the black and white symbol displayed on the left side of the screen and print it on a standard sheet of paper (or click here to access the ZooBurst augmented reality marker). Hold the symbol up to your webcam and - presto! - your book appears in the palm of your hand!

If you don't have a printer you can select the 'Always on Screen' button when in Augmented Reality mode. This will cause the book to "fly down" and land on the bottom of the screen. You can then "swipe" your hand from side to side to turn the pages of the book.

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