Create your own interactive 3D pop-up books!


ZooBurst offers two types of accounts. "Basic" accounts are 100% free and let you get started using ZooBurst right away. "Premium" accounts offer a number of advanced features, including printable "Story Codes" that let you attach your books to physical objects and view them on your iPad or computer, sound and speech integration, ad-free browsing, unlimited books and a powerful "classroom management" tool that makes it easy to use ZooBurst with your students. Check out the chart below for more information.

  Basic Premium School License
Number of accounts 1 Individual User / Teacher 1 Individual User / Teacher Multiple Users / Teachers
Book Builder
Books per account 10 Unlimited books Unlimited books
Upload your own characters and artwork (PNG or JPG files)
Search for characters via the Open Clip Art Library
Arrange characters in 3D space
Character "speech" bubbles
Support for non-English character sets
Customizable backgrounds
Book privacy options: private, public and password protected books
Multi-page stories 10 pages 50 pages 50 pages
Add sound effects to characters
Record your own voice using your computer"s microphone
Printable books - full book outlines (including all characters, dialog text and page narrations) or summary "handouts"
Access and maintain artwork via a "shared media" library that can be used by you and your students
Download copies of your books that can play offline without a connection to the Internet.
Copy, move and combine ZooBurst books, including the ability to create "templates" that can be delivered to student accounts as "starter" books.
Upload Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 documents to quickly create books based on existing presentations.
Access book revision history for any of your books, letting you "roll back" your book and restore previously made changes
Access to special books and activities, such as holiday-themed book templates * *
Book Viewer
Custom "landing page" for each book
View books in 3D mode or in Augmented Reality mode (requires a webcam)
Book discussion forum for registered users
Books can be embedded on other websites or blogs
Discuss books using "audio comments" in addition to text-based comments
Ad-free books
iPad App & Story Codes
Download the free ZooBurst iPad App from iTunes app store
View books on your iPad in either "screen" or "camera" mode (requires an iPad 2 or higher with built-in camera)
Sign in and view your personal book library on your iPad
Use your iPad to "scan" for ZooBurst "Story Codes" and instantly display ZooBurst books that have been attached to a physical object.
Create and print your own ZooBurst "Story Codes" via the website. Story Codes can be used to attach your ZooBurst books to objects in the "real world", including bulletin boards, science fair projects and classroom newsletters.
Classroom Management
Set up virtual classroom space inside ZooBurst
Create usernames and passwords for students ** **
Set default privacy level for all books within a class
Commenting and moderation of books within classrooms
Classroom gallery for showcasing student projects
Maintain a "shared media" library for you and your students
Ad-free classrooms
Ad-free student books
Download copies of student books that can play offline without a connection to the Internet.
Student access to all premium features, including audio recording, unlimited books and unlimited pages per book
Cost Free! Academic Year Subscription ***
$9.99 (Billed Once)
1 Individual User / Teacher

$29.99 (Billed Yearly)
1 Individual User / Teacher (Minimum purchase of 5 licenses required)

* Holiday books are released periodically throughout the year and are available for a limited time
** An individual user / teacher can manage up to 250 student accounts at one time
*** Academic Year Subscriptions do not automatically renew and you will not be re-billed at the end of your subscription term. Academic Year Subscription access to ZooBurst expires on August 31st, 2016. Pricing reflect a pro-rated discount of a full-year subscription.